“In my 3 decades of receiving many types of healing work, the talents of Samantha Eddy have provided/provoked some of the most profoundly effective awakening experiences I have ever known. I feel the combination of the intention of the Omnium work — to assist in connecting/returning us to our Source essence and joy (that’s how I sense this work) — and Samantha’s potent healing gifts of intuitive directness, searing clarity and her universally loving heart provide a release/reorganization of outmoded patterning opening the space for energetic forward momentum toward one’s authentic Self-expression. I deeply trust Samantha and highly recommend her methods.”

—Lyn Dalebout, Poet/Sidereal Astrologer/Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner

“In our session, Sam’s intuitive gifts led me to deeper and deeper layers of myself, unwinding and dissolving blocks as we went.  By the end of the session, I was in a truly transformed state of consciousness!  Thank you, Sam!”

—Edie Bennett, Oneness Trainer, Jackson Hole

“My sessions with Samantha having been healing and cleansing on many levels. I come away with a renewed sense of balance and purpose. Every time I meet with her, I come a little closer to understanding myself and my place in this world. Her calming nature and the clarity she provides makes me return on a regular basis!”

—L, Jackson, Wyoming

“Wow! Where were you 60 years ago?  In all of my years of meditation, I have never so fully felt the energy that way inside my body. Thank you!”

—D, age 87

© 2016 Samantha Strawbridge Eddy