I believe in a Power, the originating Source of all Creation, that is available to all of us for help, compassion, guidance and anything else we might need or want.  

My belief is completely nondenominational. I don’t think it matters if an individual recognizes this “Power” as God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Spirit, Grace, The Universe, The Creator, Source, or any other name, what matters is the BELIEF that it is there and that it serves as a safety net for all of us who seek it, and that it is always there—even in our darkest moments—if we open ourselves to it.

Personally, I experience this powerful energy as Source, The Originating Point/Creator of All Existence at the center of the Multiverse. I feel this energy as LOVE, TRUTH, BEAUTY, and GOODNESS and I believe that these attributes are meant to flow naturally throughout all of Creation and thus through all human beings.

I believe that each human being has his/her own unique link to Source that is identifiable as the “higher self,” or the “true essence” of their being.  The higher self is in a constant state of alignment with Source.  It is our ego/human mind that keeps us separate—needing to hold on to a physical identity and feeling of importance.  When we begin to surrender our resistance and fears associated with our physical  identity, the energy of Source begins to flow more and more naturally through us.  This flow is our natural way of being, living in harmony with ourselves, others, and our environment.

© 2016 Samantha Strawbridge Eddy