As we think and feel, we create. 

Since 2009, I have been studying the Omnium Method for energetic clearing with Caroline Cory. Caroline’s work is innovative in that it is so simple. It is based upon the idea that “all existence is Energy which manifests in infinite forms.” As we think and feel we create. Therefore, we create our experiences, both good and bad, based on our feelings and thoughts (conscious and subconscious).

When emotional challenges or physical ailments arise, it is due to the misaligned belief systems and feelings that are harbored in our being. These “blocks” prevent us from direct connection with our higher selves, or true essence — that perfect aspect of self that each of us was originally created to be.

Through the Omnium Method, I guide the client into a connection to Source so that he/she may feel their direct connection to Creator energy and their Divine Essence. In an intuitive process of merging with the client’s energy field, I help them identify emotional blocks and limiting belief systems. I then guide the client through an intentional process of releasing their blocks and ultimately replacement with new energy and beliefs that are aligned with their true essence and highest good.

Releasing blocks sounds easy enough, and many of us are aware of those things that challenge us time and time again, but more often than not, the belief systems and emotions that exist in us have infiltrated our being on a level much deeper than our basic consciousness. Because they exist within our subconscious and cellular memory, it is difficult for us to bring them to the surface, name them, and ultimately release them. Often they are also so interconnected within our beings that we have created a complex series of knots, which require loosening on many different levels (by releasing smaller blocks) before being able to truly eradicate the issue all the way to the root cause. It is these deep subconscious and cellular blocks that keep us from changing our behavior even after we have identified an issue and made the decision to change. They can keep us from manifesting what we want and believe we can create. These blocks also can lead to physical illness or even life-threatening conditions.

The process of fully clearing, removing, and releasing these blocks from our being is done by aligning our energy with the energy of Source (Creator/God) and then following the emotional guidance system through a specific and precise releasing process. Of course, every person is able to connect directly with Source and to release the blocks and emotions within their being themselves, but it can be a difficult process as we each have created filters, through those layers of our misaligned beliefs and emotions, that have affected our perception and understanding of even ourselves. Fortunately, as we become more aware of how our guidance system works this process does become easier.

© 2016 Samantha Strawbridge Eddy