It is my hope and intention to help others find their “reason for being,” to become clearer about themselves and find love, peace, acceptance and their own unique and divine connection to Source.  


I live in the foothills of the Jackson Hole Valley with my husband and 3 daughters. I have been a seeker for “something more,” some reason for being here on this planet in this body for all of my life. Below is my story.

Playing with fairies on the moss under the birch trees next to my childhood home, I was aware of a world that exists beyond what most of us view as “normal.” Make-believe was one explanation, but my fear of the dark and the subtle energies that I sensed there — those things that I could feel but not see — frightened me so and felt so “different” that I chose not to embrace them. I chose to turn myself away what I have now come to understand as spiritual connection, and focus on those things that I believed others seemed to be interested in. With time, my sensitivities and awareness dulled; I became absorbed in myself, my desire to feel accepted, to prove to the world (and myself) of my individual importance.

Fortunately, Source/The Universe/God/fate (whatever you want to call it) had better plans for me. In 2000, my connection was reignited. I realize now that it was the beginning of my Awakening: an awakening into understanding the Universal Connection that is ALL. I began sensing things. I began to hear voices, receive messages and answers to my questions.

Becoming a mother only intensified this experience. The miracle of life growing inside me and then the remarkable experience of childbirth — one that truly made me realize that the “I” I have identified with my whole life is something different than my physical body. During my pregnancy (and with my very young children), I also came to realize that I could feel and see “an umbilical cord” of light emanating upward to what I recognized as the Place of Creation.

With time, I have become more and more clear about what these spiritual connections are and how they work. I also recognize that they are ever-present. Watching my children, it became apparent to me that humans come in to this world fully connected to their true essences. It is not until they have learned or remembered to be hurt and burdened by the complications of human existence that the light within them begins to dim and they experience the feeling of separation.

I found myself on a personal quest for Divine Truth and an overwhelming desire to shed the shadows, lies and confusion I had about myself and my reality. The more I asked to understand the truth, the more information would fall into my lap at just the right time to open my mind and heart to the next phase of understanding.

When I learned about Carline Cory and the Omnium Method for releasing emotional blocks and belief systems, I immediately recognized it as a way to speed up the process of getting back “home” — home to my Self, my True Essence, and my direct connection to Source and all existence.

I am still very much in the midst of my awakening process (after all, this is why we are here, isn’t it?), but I have experienced shifts in my perspective.  Instead of feeling suffering and confusion when emotional or physical challenges arise, I experience them as opportunities, gifts even, to see my fears and misconceptions as what they are: indicators of truth yet to be revealed.

I see myself as a facilitator, a guide, helping clients find their own way of connecting deeply with themselves on all levels and attuning to their own guidance and clearing system. I embrace the opportunity to help others experience, identify, and regain their true connection with Source and their higher selves, to come to the realization that life is to be lived with a full and open heart free from fear, limitation, and suffering.

© 2016 Samantha Strawbridge Eddy